Transfermagic offers a variety of cine film transfer services to professionally convert your vintage media.  We can convert your 16mm, 9.5, Super 8 or Standard 8mm cine film to DVD or to USB or hard drive and aim to provide the highest level of quality. Preserving your memories by professionally transferring your old cine films to DVD, Blu-ray or hard drive.

Our process

All films are sympathetically cleaned, examined for damage and repaired if necessary.

Your 16mm, 9.5, super 8 and standard 8mm reels are scanned emulsion side up frame by frame directly from the gate in full 1080p High Definition on our dedicated cine scanner. Specialised software then assembles the frames together and prepares the digital video for encoding to DVD, Blu-Ray or on to a hard drive. This process guarantees the highest quality results achievable.

Your film will be handled with great care every step of the way. The transfer system uses a cool LED light source to avoid burning the films and a sprocketless drive ensures no damage to your footage.

After your film is digitized it is either encoded to DVD, Blu-ray or transferred to a USB, hard drive ready for editing or sharing.

We design and print colourful covers and disk graphics.

We can add music from our own library but If you wish specific music added please provide us with a CD or MP3 on disk or portable media.

Transfer prices to video file.

The smaller 50ft reels are charged at £6 but the larger reels are charged by the foot as they are quite often not full. All prices and options are on the order forms.

16mm, 9.5, 8mm Film (Minimum order £15)


Playable Disc Formats

Blu-Ray, first copy - £35

- Blu-Ray, additional copies (each) - £20

DVD, first copy - £20

- DVD, additional copies (each) - £7.50

Data Video Files

Scanned Files - free

Other requested file format - £10

USB sticks from - £6

Hard drives from - £50

If you have any questions about transferring your cine film to digital, send us an email or call us on 0131 600 0131. To order now, just fill in our order form.

Stop your originals fading any more.

Lets you use your photos, audio or video with new technology.

Share digital versions with family and friends on the internet.