Transfermagic offers a variety of video conversion services to professionally convert your vintage media.  We aim to provide the highest level of quality. Preserving your memories by professionally transferring your old video tapes to new formats.

Video tape to DVD conversion

It's not just VHS to DVD, we can convert any of your old video tapes to DVD and save them from fading and further deterioration.  Let us expertly transfer your video to DVD utilising professional video equipment. 

We can transfer:

All other formats please ask us

Price to convert to DVD or video file for editing or playback on an Ipad, Android, Mac or PC: All prices and options are on the order forms

Price to convert to DVD or video file & video file for editing or playback on an iPad, Android, Mac or PC:

Please add £10 for NTSC or Secam standards conversions.

Please call or email for broadcast or archiving tape costs.

If you're looking to do more with your vintage media, we have the best technology and know-how to digitize your video tapes on to one of a variety of digital video formats and transfer it to either Blu-ray, Mac or PC file formats. Storing your files digitally is a perfect way to protect your old tapes deterioration and allow you to easily edit and share them in the future. Should you require we can edit your footage into a new video.

Just send us an email or call us on 0131 600 0131 to let us know what you need. Or to order, just fill in our order form.

Stop your originals fading any more.

Lets you use your photos, audio or video with new technology.

Share digital versions with family and friends on the internet.