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Future Proof Your Archive

Why go digital?

A lot of business, charities and associations have video, audio or photographic archives. So if that’s you, we can work together to digitally archive your media.

We can migrate your media to any format adding metadata that allows for easy accessibility.

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Go Digital & Get organised!

Enjoy and preserve your memories without the hassle.

Located in central Scotland at our Edinburgh office, we specialise in the transfer and conversion of 16mm, 9.5, Super 8, Standard 8 cine film, video tape, photographs, slides and audio to DVD, CD, USB and modern digital audio visual media formats.

We are an Edinburgh based slide scanning, photograph scanning, and negative scanning service.

If you’re like most people your old photographs and slides are hidden away in drawers, shoeboxes and albums. Let us do the hard work by scanning your photographs, slides and negatives with our professional photographic scanners utilising Digital-ICE technology to produce the highest quality results. We can scan to JPEG, TIFF, and RAW formats.

Edinburgh based 16mm, 9.5, Super 8 & Standard 8 cine film transfer and conversion service to DVD, AVI, H.264, QT, MP4, Windows media.

Your film will be handled with great care every step of the way. The transfer system uses a cool LED light source to avoid burning the films and a sprocketless drive ensures no damage to your footage. Your film reels are scanned frame by frame directly from the gate in full 1080p High Definition on our dedicated film scanner.

Video to DVD and video transfer service based in Edinburgh.

With so many video formats around our Edinburgh studio can transfer most video formats if you’re looking to convert VHS to DVD or capture Hi8 & Mini DV. We can convert to Blu-ray, AVI, H.264, Pro Res & Windows media files pretty much any type of video file you want. Storing your files digitally is a perfect way to protect your old tapes deterioration and allows you to easily edit and share them in the future.

Audio tape to cd, cassette, ¼ “ reel to reel, DAT and MD converted to CD, MP3 or WAV. CD conversion, CD ripping, CD to USB service at our Edinburgh studio.

We offer a variety of audio transfer services to professionally convert your vintage audio. We provide the highest level of service using top quality playback machines. We will then clean up and master your recordings using the specific hardware and software and then export to either CD or portable device.